How To Find The Best Melbourne Hairdresser

Melbourne is one of the most fashion forward cities in Australia and things are only progressing. There are endless boutiques, stores, salons and hairdressers all ready to provide you with the very latest and most creative looks.

In recent years, many Sydney hairdressers have opened salons in Melbourne and the city is a hotbed for hairdressing talent – whether you want a simple blow dry, or cuts, colours and treatments.

City Streets

One of the best ways to find the best Melbourne hairdresser is by simply being in the city. You’ll spot numerous salons and blow dry bars around the city and always make sure you check side streets and quieter areas – you’ll usually find the independent places here rather than larger chains.

Beauty Blogs

Melbourne has a whole host of beauty blogs on offer. This is a great way to discover more about the city’s hairdressing scene – especially if you start to follow some of them on social media as they’ll often show photos or videos in top salons and treatments.

prahran hairdresser

Twitter and Instagram

Some of the best hairdressers in Melbourne use Social Media on a daily basis to show clients and potential customers their work and new styles they are creating. Try different hashtags and searches to track down the ones you like and get an idea of the sort of work they do.

Online Review Sites

It’s always worth checking out a potential hairdresser on an online review site. You’ll be able to see how previous clients rate them and what they found good or bad about the overall experience.

Word of Mouth

 Don’t forget the old fashioned word of mouth method can often be the most reliable when finding the best hairdressers. Check out who your friends, family and work colleagues go to and see if they might be right for you. We recommend:

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Five Things to Look for When Buying a Home 

Are you currently thinking of or planning on buying a home in Adelaide? Even though we all have very distinct tastes and preferences, when it comes down to buying a home, you should first consult your local real estate agents Adelaide.

Why? Real Estate agents have a lot of experience and knowledge regarding house hunting and purchasing, making the whole process simpler and faster. In this case, there are typically five main things that you should always look for.

Real estate adelaide

1. General Location of the real estate

Considering the fact that you can change almost everything about your house, but can never change the home’s location, then, it’s clear that finding the perfect location tops this list.

As such, it’s always important to buy a house that’s located within a safe and charming neighbourhood as well as one that’s in close proximity to your place of work and/or school (in case you have kids), shopping centres, public transportation and parks. It also should be away from noise polluted areas such as airports.

2. The Kitchen

Irrespective as to whether you consider yourself a good or bad cook, when buying a home, you need to pay attention to the kitchen. The ideal way to go about this is to look for a house that has a spacious, airy and well maintained kitchen. This is because compromising on the quality of the kitchen can end up costing you a lot, more so because kitchen remodelling is amongst the most expensive in-house projects one can ever invest in.

3. Storage Space

Although you can add storage space after you have bought a house, it is definitely worth considering purchasing a house with suitable storage. The simplest way of pre-judging if the house has enough storage space or not is by considering its age; it is common newer houses have more storage space than older ones.

And, aside from checking for the storage space, also check if the closets are big enough for your current and future needs and if they can be easily modified.

4. The Overall Size of the House

The key to getting the right sized house is to make sure that it’s practical. Obviously buying a home is a long term investment, so you need to consider who and how many people will be living there are buy accordingly. Determine if you will live alone, with a partner, family or if you would rent the property. Thus, the right way to go about this is to first define what you really want, and then start looking for homes that are within that criteria.

5. The Homes Curb Appeal

You should also ensure that the home meets your standards and complements your preferred lifestyle. Some of the things to look out for in this case include the home’s architectural design and style as well as its external features, such as the materials used in constriction, the type of roof used and the landscape, among others.

While these points are simple, it’s worth taking them into deep consideration and contacting a local real estate agent with a credible reputation to help find the right property for you. For buying, selling or renting in Australia, check out

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What Techniques Does a Real Estate Auctioneer Use To Sell A House?

Real estate auctions have gained popularity as sellers seek fast and cost effective ways to sell their properties. Financial institutions and contractors prefer auctions because they do not have to spend several years or months trying to sell a particular number of units. Auctions allow sellers to get immediate cash while buyers get properties at fair prices based on competitive bidding. Auctioneers apply a variety of techniques to sell houses. The techniques applied differ depending on the state and the seller’s requirements. Auction laws tend to vary from one state to another and this will influence the approach an auctioneer applies to sell a property. The auctioneer has to inform buyers about the specific laws that apply in a particular state before they commence the auction.

Without Reserve or Absolute

In this selling technique, an auctioneer will not provide a minimum bid. When an auctioneer uses the without reserve technique, the seller has to sell their property to the highest bidder in spite of price offered.


Disclosed Reserve or Minimum Bid

In this case, an auctioneer will disclose a minimum bid. This commits a seller to offer their property to the highest bidder who offers the minimum bid or more. An auctioneer will request for an opening bid. They will also set an amount by which every bid must rise. This can be $1000 or $5000 increments. The increments are usually determined by the auctioneer.

When the reserve is reached, a property is considered to be available and it has to be sold. In situations where the reserve has not been reached, the auctioneer will ask a seller if they want to reduce the price.


With Reserve

When an auctioneer uses the with reserve option, the seller can either accept or decline the highest bid.


How to Get More Bids

To increase bids at a real estate auction, sellers should have realistic expectations. This means that they should ask for fair prices and offer their properties at the right time. It is also important to provide desirable properties if you want to increase bids. A property is considered desirable if it is in the right location and condition. The surrounding environment can also affect a property’s value.


There are various auction methods that can be applied and it is important to select an appropriate one for the seller’s requirements and specific property being offered for sale.



Marketing is essential if you want to get more bids. Aggressive advertising will ensure that all potential buyers are well targeted and made aware of the available properties. You have to identify the kind of buyers that you want for your property. Provide all the due diligence details to the potential buyers before the auction. The law requires real estate agents to display documentation for the property going on sale.


It is also vital to identify a professional auctioneer to sell your property. The auctioneer should be able to conduct the auction professionally and follow-up until the deal is closed.


Properties have to be prepared for the auction to ensure it is presented to potential buyers in great condition if a real estate agent wants to get more bids.

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